We are following NZ Dental Council Level 1 guidelines. Please assist us in following standard precautions by:

  • Rescheduling your dental appointment if you are experiencing flulike symptoms.

  • Brushing your teeth prior to your dental appointment.

  • Arriving as close to you appointment time as possible to avoid congestion in the reception area.

  • Allowing our staff to take you through extra Covid 19 Questions.

  • Using hand sanitiser and the Covid tracer app when entering reception (If you don't have the app let us know and we can add you to our manual register).

Keeping you safe and comfortable during Covid 19

Filtered Air

Aerosole Capture.png

We have just purchased an Aerosol Capture System to help protect ourselves and our patients during these uncertain times.

This new machine works like a giant vacuum or extractor fan that has a specially designed filter inside that catches viruses and aerosols to stop them from spreading around the room. This keeps you and us safer from any virus.


Once you are seated in the chair we will pass the funnel to you, make it comfortable and ask you to lightly hold it with 1 hand.